Conception with Endometriosis & Adhesions

Lori (USA) writes

In early 1996 I stopped taking the birth control pill when my husband and I finally decided to try to conceive. As time went on, my menstrual cycles became more and more irregular and painful. In 1998 I decided it was time to seek medical help. The doctor suspected that I had endometriosis and gave me the choice of having a laparoscopy or taking drugs to suppress my cycles. I decided to have a laparoscopy. He said he would do an HSG while I was under anaesthetic too. It turned out I did have some endometriosis, and a lot of adhesions. My tubes were open though. He lazered the endometriosis and adhesions and I was sent on my way.

In December 1998 I found New Life Ministries and joined their Internet support group, Women In Faith “WIF”. It was such a revelation that I could stand on God’s Word and take authority in it. No one had ever taught me that before. My cycles had returned to normal, and the faith of the women in WIF really built me up. In February 1999, my church had an evangelist visit and I went up for prayer one night. As she prayed for my “infertility” and laid hands on me I felt warmth in my uterine area. I believe I was wholly healed of endometriosis that night. Then in April, after 6 months, I wasn’t pregnant yet, and I was very discouraged. In May 1999, unbeknown to us, our daughter was conceived. When my period was to come I had some spotting but never got my actual period. Since I had been having regular cycles I took a test, and it confirmed what I knew in my heart, I was pregnant! After waiting so long I could hardly believe it. I had no morning sickness at all during my first trimester, I was just physically tired.

In July 1999 I went to a women’s conference with some ladies from my church. I was 12 weeks pregnant. On the last day of the conference as we were leaving I felt strange and decided to take a trip to the bathroom. I panicked when I saw bright red blood. I grabbed my friends and said I needed to go to the emergency room. Before we left they settled me down and prayed for me. All I could think as we were driving to see my doctor was “I trust you Lord”. By the time we got to my doctor’s office the bleeding had slowed down. He ordered an ultrasound. The results showed that the baby was fine, but I had a tear in the placenta and it was laying near my cervix. I was ordered on bedrest for the weekend. I never had any problems after that, and the rest of my pregnancy was wonderful. I loved being pregnant; the time went too fast.

In January 2000, at 38 weeks, my baby was in a breech position. The doctor and I decided they would try to turn the baby and scheduled me for later that week. The doctor tried 3 times to turn the baby but to no avail, and scheduled me for a c-section the next week. At first I was disappointed that I wasn’t going to have a natural birth and be able to give God glory. The c-section went very smoothly. They discovered I have a bicornuate uterus. It’s a birth defect in which the uterus is misshaped and can cause miscarriage if the embryo implants in a bad area. Why the doctors didn’t catch it during the laparoscopy/HSg or on the ultrasound is beyond me. From what information I have found on bicornuate uteruses I feel so blessed and loved by God for my daughter. My recovery from the c-section surgery was easy to say the least. I had NO pain anytime afterward. Compared to the laparoscopy the recovery was 10 times easier. God’s hand definitely was on me then and I do give him the glory the pain free recovery I had.

Conception after healed from Guilt

Sylvett P writes

I was blessed to find myself pregnant after being a member of WIF online support group for a short period of time. I suffered with guilt associated with my infertility as I thought I was being punished for sins. With the help of other WIF members, I was able to remove the blockage and to gain the knowledge that I was already healed and just needed to be faithful and that it was God’s will for ALL women to conceive their own biological children – I would meditate on Gods Word and remain faithful, and it was at the point I became pregnant! And early Father’s Day, 17 June, I gave birth to our son, Christopher Shane. He was 21 inches and weighed 7 lb 1 oz. He is beautiful and a joy to his father and me.

Miracle Baby Samuel

Brandi writes: My husband and I lost our first baby at 9 weeks. It then took 3 years to conceive. I thought we had given it to God a long time ago, but I was still relying on man in some ways – medicines to regulate my ovulation, etc. I finally gave up on man after he gave up on me and the doctor said the only way I would get pregnant would be to do IVF. I decided that my God was bigger than that, and He proved true! My husband began laying hands on me and praying for my body to function according to God’s perfect plan. Within 2 weeks of prayer, I ovulated and conceived! It was truly a miracle!!  Samuel (which means ‘asked of God’) arrived 9 April  at 2.45 pm, weighing 7 lb 5 oz and 20 inches long.  Just to encourage you – lift up your very specific prayer requests and watch God honour them in greater detail than you can ever think to provide!!

First child at 45 years

Viviene (UK) writes:

My sister-in-law gave birth 13 July – a healthy baby girl of 6.5 lb. It is amazing what God can do. She was 45 years old last December and this is her first baby. She had been diagnosed with a high prolactin level. The doctors put her on some medication which had really bad side effects so she came off it. Anyway, when she got pregnant, they found that she had fibroids and were talking about the baby coming very early with a strong possibility of a C-section. Well, she had the baby at 38 weeks – they actually had to induce her. She also had the baby naturally. She had a very quick labour which was not what the doctors had told her.

Cysts Disappeared

I have posted below 2 testimonies on cysts disappearing. I pray these testimonies will be a blessing to you and encourage you to not give up hope.

Ify E writes:

Praise the Lord with me for His mercies and goodness endureth forever. I asked for prayer against a 7.8cm ovarian cyst last October. I went for a scan today and the cyst has disappeared. I did not take any medicine nor did I do surgery.  The Lord is good and He does wonders. He’ll do same for all that we desire and ask of Him.

Albertina S writes:

Dear sisters, an encouragement to all with cysts: I remember speaking to someone about cysts recently (Ify) and saying that I had 7 of them 4 on one ovary and 3 on the other and they were big… Well, this is just to let you know that I am coming from the Dr. and the sonar showed that they are all gone. My ovaries are back to normal shape. Praise be to God.

Healed from Depression and Back Pain

Rosnah from the UK writes…

I was married 4 years ago and tried for a baby for 3 years.  I am now 24 weeks pregnant.  We never found out if we had a medically diagnosed problem because I was led to Nerida’s teaching just as we were thinking of starting the process of tests.  But I can testify to miraculous physical healing of depression and a chronic back condition, as well as conceiving.  I just want to encourage you from my experience that nothing is impossible – including coming back from the lowest of low mental and physical states and seeing all your heart’s desires fulfilled.  We have a high priest in Jesus who sympathises with our weaknesses as he was tempted in every way we are, only he did not sin (Heb 4:15). Also Isaiah 42 says that Jesus was not disheartened or crushed and it this Spirit that He sends to comfort and uphold us.