Miracle conception with twins

Jane writes:

My diagnosis consisted of hormonal imbalance, high FSH, blocked fallopian tubes, uterine scarring, ovarian failure, etc. Just about everything! A reproductive endocrinologist and told me that I had a 4{986488c0930dd05a490dee74a82cae35a322667352f0a9ef8fd8fc1c1bc018bc} chance of ever conceiving with my eggs. I had two failed rounds of IVF and was devastated. But I started to apply some of the teaching from New Life Ministries. I read my Bible and applied my faith.

I found a new doctor who was a Christian, and he told me that I would be able to conceive with my own eggs. God had healed me and turned around my diagnosis. I had a third round of IVF and this time it was successful. I was pregnant. My son, Xavier Azariah, was born on 23 December. (Azariah is Hebrew for ‘My help comes from Jehovah’.)

In the summer 2 years later my husband and I talked about having another child. I remember saying to God one day, ‘Lord, I really don’t want to do any more IVF.’ And that was it. I didn’t really pray hard about conception. Shortly after this, I went for my annual check-up and was told I was pregnant (without knowing it!) and the ultrasound revealed that there were 2 heartbeats! I was having twins. I had wanted twins from the time I was a little girl. God remembers your heart, and He renewed my faith and my absolute love and honour for Him with this.

I had a son and a daughter (another desire of my heart) – Kingsley and Karrington have joined their brother Xavier!

Healed from Depression and Back Pain

Rosnah from the UK writes…

I was married 4 years ago and tried for a baby for 3 years.  I am now 24 weeks pregnant.  We never found out if we had a medically diagnosed problem because I was led to Nerida’s teaching just as we were thinking of starting the process of tests.  But I can testify to miraculous physical healing of depression and a chronic back condition, as well as conceiving.  I just want to encourage you from my experience that nothing is impossible – including coming back from the lowest of low mental and physical states and seeing all your heart’s desires fulfilled.  We have a high priest in Jesus who sympathises with our weaknesses as he was tempted in every way we are, only he did not sin (Heb 4:15). Also Isaiah 42 says that Jesus was not disheartened or crushed and it this Spirit that He sends to comfort and uphold us.