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  • Physical Health
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While this web site is mainly to encourage couples in the the bringing forth of their children, our passion is also to help women walk in health in every area of life! Know that you can apply the same principles shared in each area of “childbearing” to other areas of your life.

God wants you healthy in every area because what Jesus did on the Cross was for you to be whole; spirit, soul (mind, will, emotions and feelings) and body!

Reproductive Health

We are fearfully and wonderfully made! God created our reproductive organs and also the female menstrual cycle and it was NOT designed to be long, drawn out or complicated experience. This means that you do not have to suffer each month in your cycles! You can experience healing so your body can do its job each month without any sickness, disease, pain or complication. God wants for the fruit of your womb to be blessed and this is not just for children but that every area of your reproductive life will be blessed!

If you are older and going through menopause then God doesn’t want you to suffer in this area either! Through Jesus finished work you can walk in victory over any adverse symptom and experience “the change of life” the way God intended from the beginning. And that is to go through the change with ease and without any complication.

Physical Health

Remember that through Jesus finished work He has ALREADY provided healing! It doesn’t matter what form or what area the sickness, disease or complication manifests in because Jesus paid the price for IT ALL!

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