Baby comes back to Life!

It is with great joy that i announce to you the birth of our long awaited miracle, Hannah who was born on May 25th 2010. God is faithful and true to His word. I will just brief you on my journey to motherhood. I joined the on-line support group in June 2007 after having had 3 miscarriages. I got pregnant again in Dec 2007 only to miscarry in January 2008. After this, my husband and I had all kind of tests done to determine the cause of the miscarriages and at the end of all the tests i was told that my FSH was a bit high and i had fibroids. My husband on the other hand was told that he had male factor issues. I proceeded to have surgery to remove the fibroids in April of 2008. I then conceived in August, 4 months after the surgery only to miscarry in December 08 at about 17 weeks. I was devastated beyond words. In the previous pregnancies i had never gone beyond 9 weeks so it was a complete shock for me and my husband. My faith was tested to the limit and for about 2 weeks following this I could not bring myself to pray but deep down in my heart I knew that I needed God more than anything and that i couldn’t go on without Him. By God’s Grace, i slowly picked myself up and got back into the word and prayer. Thank God for Nerida and this group because the messages I would read gave me a lot of encouragement and kept my faith strong.

In August last year my husband and I moved from the U.S to Canada. I conceived the following month in September and when i went for an ultrasound at 6 and a half weeks i was told that there was no heartbeat. I refused to believe this report and kept confessing the word of God saying that i shall not miscarry or be barren in the land. Every time fear came over me, i would rebuke it and confess the word of God. I went back for another ultrasound 2 weeks later and there was a live baby with a healthy heartbeat.

My doctor in the U.S had said that the moment i got pregnant i would be put on bed rest and would need to take Heparin shots daily. My husband and I trusted God that i would not need any of this and i even travelled overseas to go to Africa and came back after 5 weeks with no problems. My pregnancy went so smoothly. I kept confessing the word daily and of course fear would grip me every now and then but i would rebuke that fear every time. I turned 38 on May 9th and gave birth two weeks later. Ladies, let’s continue to hold fast to the confession of our Hope without wavering!

Conception after 5 miscarriages & infertility

My dear friend Bron writes: 

It is with great Joy and sweet victory, that we proudly introduce our beautiful miracle baby – Reigan Isabelle .  After 5 miscarriages, numerous IVF attempts and a cervical stenosis – which is a condition where scar tissue has built up in your cervix, fusing it shut,  God has been forever faithful and amazingly GOOD.  I fell pregnant without any intervention and carried Reigan full term after a fantastic pregnancy. I was strongly advised to have an elective cesarian, because of the cervical stenosis, but after standing throughout the pregnancy, on what my God has said and already done for me, I believed that I was completely healed from this condition. After an internal during labour, the midwife said I was 4 cms dilated and that she had never felt a cervix so soft and ready to go – so much, that when she moved her fingers my whole cervix just opened – what a miracle. Reigan was born very quickly after that.  Praise God for what He’s done, stand firm on His word and NEVER give up, despite the circumstances – He is completely faithful – We are living proof of that, and Reigan is indeed His word, manifested.

I conceived after your Conference

Anonymous from Singapore writes:

We have been trying for a child for about 1.5 years. It doesn’t sound long but we were under some pressure from friends and relatives around us.Colleagues would make comments like on our age and its time for a child. When faced with such questions, we cannot find an answer. Yes, we have been trying lots of ways, we prayed about it but I believe that it is not within our control.  My uncle is a member of:-

My uncle is a member of New Creation church and he invited me to your talk last year (November 5th and 6th 2008). I was a little bit reluctant as I stayed rather far away from town, it would be rather late by the time I get home and I have to get up very early for work the next day.  However, i decided to attend in the end as I want to know what you talk is about and I was looking forward to some practical advice. At the same time, we had been scheduled to do a body check and my husband, a sperm count the same month.

I enjoyed your talk a lot and I thanked God that you came to Singapore. When you prayed for healing for us, I could feel a warm and fuzzy feeling filling my body and I started crying. I did wonder a second if I was going to conceive soon.

From young, my timing of my menses was always in a haywire state. It was suppose to come during the first week (during your talk) but it did not. So, I did a pregnancy test one week after.  It was negative. I was rather disappointed as I thought that the warm and fuzzy feeling should mean something.  I decided to check again the week before my husband was scheduled for a sperm check and by the grace of of God, the test was positive. I was pregnant. It was a miracle for us and God is truly faithful. Praise the Lord!

I gave birth on 5/8/09. I prayed that my wound would not hurt and true enough, there was not much pain for me to go through. Praise Lord!   My son is now 7 weeks old.  When I look at him, I am constantly reminded of God’s love and faithfulness for us. I hope that my testimony can help those who are trying and trust that the Lord will work things out for them.

My Conception Miracle by Rachel

Rachel writes:

About 6 years ago, while Brett & I were dating Brett told me that he had a very small chance of being able to father children naturally. To me being a mother was always a given. It was what I dreamed of from the time I was a little girl.  Soon after we married, we started trying for children. Spiritually, we were praying & believing God, confessing scriptures & building up our faith. In the natural, we had numerous tests and sought advice from fertility specialists, went through IVF cycles & over a period of 3 years things got progressively worse.

In September 2008, after 3 1⁄2 years of trying for a baby, the doctor diagnosed me with a condition inside my uterus, Adenomyosis (which had not previously been picked up) which meant that I had a very small chance of being able to conceive a baby, about 1-2{986488c0930dd05a490dee74a82cae35a322667352f0a9ef8fd8fc1c1bc018bc}, and the only treatment for this condition was quite radical surgery for someone my age, who had not had any children. So now, in the natural, between us there was a very small chance of ever being able to conceive.  This was a really low point for me. My faith & patience had been tested to what I felt was my “breaking point” At this time I knew that I had a make a choice – was I going to believe the doctor’s report & be fearful, discouraged & anxious OR was I going to be BELIEVE the Word of God & BELIEVE that Jesus had paid the price for ALL my sickness & disease?  I chose to, once again, FIX MY EYES ON JESUS & believe God – I continued thanking Him for my children, praising Him & confessing that I AM A JOYFUL MOTHER OF CHILDREN.

During a time of prayer one night the I read this scripture Psalm 102:12-13 “But you O Lord sit enthroned forever; your renown endures through all generations. You will arise and have compassion on Zion (Rachel), for IT IS TIME to show favor to her, the APPOINTED TIME HAS COME” The next day I was due to have a pregnancy test & I held fast to this promise, the appointed time had come. That next day, the 12th December, Brett & I received the news that we had been waiting almost 4 years to hear – we were pregnant!!!

My pregnancy was a great time of joy & blessing (something that I had confessed over myself during the waiting period) However, in the first trimester, I experienced bleeding on 3 separate occasions. Brett & I prayed & believed together that our baby was growing healthy & strong. Once again I held fast to Psalm 102 & confessed that “the appointed time had come”

During pregnancy I believed God for a supernatural delivery. At 34 weeks our obstetrician advised against a natural delivery due to some complications with the cord. After initially being a little upset I decided to change my confessions for a caesarean delivery. God is SO FAITHFUL & after the birth I read through my confessions & prayer points & God answered EVERY THING that I was believing for.

Today, our precious little miracle, Sophia Eve is almost 4 months old. Sophia is an absolute joy

Conception with Male & Female Infertility

Amy B writes:

I just wanted to share with you the awesome news that I AM PREGNANT!  Rewind back to November 6,  the day we received the news that my husbands sperm count was very low, in addition to that the test results indicated that they had slow forward progression. All I remember was the shock, and hearing them try to comfort me with the world’s comfort by saying that we most likely could conceive with IVF. They actually said that IUI would not even be an option because the results were too poor. That was not comforting to me. We had only been trying for 4 months at that point and my husbands test was just precautionary because I was having some spotting issues and the doctor indicated that they should take a look at my husband because he had seen women over and over have tests when in the end there was a sperm problem. So the news was unexpected and shocking.

I did alright for the first week until my period came 1 week later and then I completely broke down. I was feeling depressed, defeated and satan had me convinced that I may get pregnant but it wouldn’t be until we endured some horrific trial. (Satan is such a liar, man does he ever know how to make us feel horrible). My husband was very concerned for me. He rejected the diagnosis right away and said that you will get pregnant and have my babies and never had a doubt. That is definitely not my testimony. After 2 weeks, I realized that I can’t continue like this I felt miserable. We called our friends the husband is a pastor just starting a small church and they agreed with us in prayer, that was my starting point. Oddly enough we did not call one of the many pastors at my own church because I needed someone who would BELIEVE and to be honest our church does not teach very boldly on healing.  Up until a few months ago I didn’t have a realization that I WAS ALREADY HEALED. After being a Christian almost my entire life up until a few months ago I really didn’t realize all that was actually finished on the cross. I still can’t believe how much was taken care of by Jesus giving himself freely to die on the cross.

I believe more then anything that I received my miracle from God’s grace and the finished work of the cross. I didn’t do anything to bring it on but I was determined to receive. If Jesus suffered so horrible for not only my sins, but his body was broken for my healing and he was nailed to a tree to redeem me from the curse then I was determined to have what he went through such a horrible ordeal to give me. The Word says that we have the righteousness of Christ therefore Jesus qualified me for all of the blessings including fruitfulness.

It took me many hours (in the hundreds) over the past few months to renew my mind and build my faith in order to believe. My husband faith was so much simpler. I had a few moments of doubt but each time my husband said Amy you need to resist Satan, he would have me repeat after him some truths from the Word.

I received Nerida’s message on God’s Timing and that spoke so much to me. Initially like I said I believed God would give me a child but a feared that a horrible trial would have to take place first. I was set free by the message that I am not waiting for God, he already did everything. He already answered. It brought me to tears many times thinking about how I didn’t need to wait. I started saying right away to anyone that knew of our situation that I didn’t have to wait. Jesus already went to the cross so we could have our healing right away and our children. I kept Nerida’s advice and only told people with a strong belief in God’s Word. Every person upon hearing the bad news immediately said that that was not true and that we would have babies. I know that there was many praying in the spirit for us and believed even when I was struggling.

3 weeks ago when worshipping and praying I really felt in my spirit like it was being confirmed that “it is done for you according to the word, and that this was it”. My best friend who often time has had accurate dreams, 2 days before I tested called to tell me that she was sure I was pregnant that she had a very clear dream. After we told my husband’s parents the news, they were so excited, my mother and law told me that one of the women she had asked to be praying told her the week we conceived that it was done and she would be having a grandchild
very soon.

I am so incredibly blessed and thankful to God for guiding me over the past few months. He led me to this ministry. Please be encouraged God is no respecter of persons and I know that what he did for me, he already did for you as well.

Miracle Baby Zoe

Deb writes:

We had been trying to have a baby since June 2001. We had a 10 week miscarriage in October 2001 and then 7 AIH and 2 IVF cycles. On the second one we were successful. After a very sick pregnancy, our precious baby was stillborn at 26 weeks. I had felt no movement for 2 days and we went to the hospital and found no heartbeat. Matthew was 690 grams and – apart from no heartbeat – looked perfect. We grieved for our baby and for the hopes we had for the future – ‘just’ falling pregnant again seemed impossible but still our goal.

We had a frozen embryo transfer 4 months after that and when that was unsuccessful I went on the contraceptive pill for 3 weeks to bring on the next cycle without delay so we could try again. After I stopped taking the pill I waited for my period. After 5 days I started to wonder – on the sixth day I did a pregnancy test and was shocked that I was pregnant! The pregnancy was difficult both emotionally and physically as I was very sick again and had some early bleeding. Once I made it past the 26 weeks I started to feel more confident. At 36 weeks the doctor was a little concerned about the baby’s size and I had a scan that revealed the baby was about 2 weeks too small and although the placenta seemed to be functioning fine we decided to have our baby induced 2 weeks early. On 22 March 2005, our beautiful baby girl was born, Zoe (meaning life) Grace. She is an absolute delight and worth the struggle and the journey!

Miracle Conception after Cancer & Chemotherapy

Roz from Australia writes…

The point of the journey isn’t only the destination it’s what you learn along the way.

After deciding to move interstate to QLD I found out I was pregnant with my second child. While I was in my last week at work during a routine 20-wk pg check up, Dr Stephen Raymond, announced I had an abnormal pregnancy.  There was no baby even though I looked and felt very pregnant. I had a “hydatiform mole” (molar pregnancy). What happens after conception is that the baby eventually dies and a sack grows in the womb, which looks just like a bunch of grapes. The pregnancy had to be terminated immediately. I had to go to hospital that night for a curette.  I was numb. That was just the beginning….

After the procedure, the doctors told me that the pregnancy was cancerous and had to start chemotherapy immediately. I felt very alone and the only source of strength I could find was to pray. I wasn’t particularly spiritual, I believed in God, but was very ignorant of anything after that.

We decided to continue on with our move as planned.  So we drove to Queensland and I had to go straight to the hospital and start chemotherapy the very day we arrived. I met with a wonderful doctor called Dr Hitchens.  He told me that my condition was very rare in Australia. Only 1{986488c0930dd05a490dee74a82cae35a322667352f0a9ef8fd8fc1c1bc018bc} of pregnancies in Australia experience this, and only a few of them are cancerous. I then had to go into the hospital every day at exactly the same time to receive treatment. But week after week, nothing was really happening because the drug didn’t seem to be doing its job.

We soon found a great local church which taught about Jesus being our healer. I was hungry to learn and I saturated myself in this information.  I also had the opportunity to go to a Christian Conference and I learnt that Jesus Christ is still alive today. I also learnt that I could just simply cry out to him and if I believed the bible and did not doubt that I could receive my healing right now – here today. I grabbed hold of that and confessed it and stood firm.  I wouldn’t accept the fact that God had given me a beautiful baby boy and husband only to be told I was going to die.  I knew that he wanted me to stand firm and believe for healing. And that is exactly what I did.

The days turned into weeks, the weeks turned into months but I just knew, that I knew, that I would receive healing. However, one weekend while we were out at lunch I had a haemorrhage and was rushed to hospital.  I ended up having three blood transfusions and more drugs.  But even through all of this I just knew I was going to be OK.  A supernatural peace was with me continually.

I then had to go to the hospital a couple of times a week to receive chemotherapy. This went on for several weeks – going to the hospital then to the pathology lab to check my blood hormone levels to see if the chemotherapy was working. Then in addition to this I had to visit the specialist to explain my progress. These weekly visits were very expensive and we weren’t covered for any of it. This was a very testing time for us in more ways than one!  During one of the visits to the specialist he announced that the tumour had started growing through to other organs in my body.  I was then admitted into hospital to have extensive chemotherapy.  The strongest type available!  I was told that the side effects were nausea, hair loss and fatigue.  After the treatment I was sent home with anti nausea medicine to rest for a few days with my family. The amazing thing was that we prayed that not only would I be totally healed but that I would not experience any sickness.  I never had to take any of the nausea pills.  While I felt tired and had a horrible metallic taste in my mouth and my mouth and eyes dried out from the medication, I never got sick.  Praise the Lord!

Then one Sunday at church during the praise and worship I had another massive haemorrhage and was rushed to hospital. The whole back seat of the car was completely soaked in blood, and the stain is still there to this day.  Once at the hospital in the emergency room, all I can remember was seeing buckets full of blood and clots, and then I passed out.  My husband and a close friend were also in the room with me.  On this occasion I died because the heart monitor flat lined.   At that point my husband was asked to leave the room.  But he along with a friend prayed and the Dr’s managed to get my pulse back.  I was then given more blood transfusions.  What happened next was amazing. When I was tested to see how the cancer levels were going the doctors were amazed because the tumour had gone! The tumour had extracted itself out of my body.  The Dr’s were stunned because they had never seen this before. It was unheard of.  Even though the tumour was gone I had to continue with the chemotherapy because my blood still had traces of cancer.  However, I continued treatment for only a short time as the levels quickly dropped to zero.

After all of this was over, the Dr’s asked us to go to The Royal Women’s Hospital in Brisbane where we were introduced to a panel of the top oncology doctors in the area.  They wanted to know why this happened, as they had never seen anything like this before. They were very perplexed because what had happened was medically impossible. My husband explained that we were Christians who believed in a healing Jesus. They were stunned and said ‘Well your God is bigger than our medicine’.  After scratching their heads and asking several questions they let us go home.

My testimony doesn’t end there!  Even though I was completely healed and well I still had to go back to Dr Hickens for my final report. He told me on that day, “well you may be healed, and you are a very lucky girl, however you will never have children”.  This was because I had been treated with the strongest type of chemotherapy available.  And this meant that my reproduction organs would never work again.  Regardless, we knew that our God was bigger than that!   So needless to say we didn’t believe what the doctor said. We just smiled and shook that comment off.  And to the doctors total amazement I was found to be pregnant a few months later.   I then went on to have a beautiful healthy baby boy called Matt which means (a gift from God), and then fifteen months later we had our final baby ‘Charlie’ also a beautiful healthy baby boy.  He has been a great blessing to our family and both boys to this day are very close.

Jesus said “I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father. And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Son may bring glory to the Father. You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it.” (see John 14:12-14).  The authority of Jesus has been passed down to us so we can pray for the Holy Spirit to help us for whatever need we have. If you believe and do not doubt in your heart then you will receive your promise if it lines up with the word of God. That is a promise in the bible, (see Mark 11:22-25).  God is not a respecter of persons (see Acts 10:34) so that means that anyone of His children can trust His word for their own personal circumstances and see it come to pass!

Conception after healed from Guilt

Sylvett P writes

I was blessed to find myself pregnant after being a member of WIF online support group for a short period of time. I suffered with guilt associated with my infertility as I thought I was being punished for sins. With the help of other WIF members, I was able to remove the blockage and to gain the knowledge that I was already healed and just needed to be faithful and that it was God’s will for ALL women to conceive their own biological children – I would meditate on Gods Word and remain faithful, and it was at the point I became pregnant! And early Father’s Day, 17 June, I gave birth to our son, Christopher Shane. He was 21 inches and weighed 7 lb 1 oz. He is beautiful and a joy to his father and me.

Miracle Baby Samuel

Brandi writes: My husband and I lost our first baby at 9 weeks. It then took 3 years to conceive. I thought we had given it to God a long time ago, but I was still relying on man in some ways – medicines to regulate my ovulation, etc. I finally gave up on man after he gave up on me and the doctor said the only way I would get pregnant would be to do IVF. I decided that my God was bigger than that, and He proved true! My husband began laying hands on me and praying for my body to function according to God’s perfect plan. Within 2 weeks of prayer, I ovulated and conceived! It was truly a miracle!!  Samuel (which means ‘asked of God’) arrived 9 April  at 2.45 pm, weighing 7 lb 5 oz and 20 inches long.  Just to encourage you – lift up your very specific prayer requests and watch God honour them in greater detail than you can ever think to provide!!

First child at 45 years

Viviene (UK) writes:

My sister-in-law gave birth 13 July – a healthy baby girl of 6.5 lb. It is amazing what God can do. She was 45 years old last December and this is her first baby. She had been diagnosed with a high prolactin level. The doctors put her on some medication which had really bad side effects so she came off it. Anyway, when she got pregnant, they found that she had fibroids and were talking about the baby coming very early with a strong possibility of a C-section. Well, she had the baby at 38 weeks – they actually had to induce her. She also had the baby naturally. She had a very quick labour which was not what the doctors had told her.