Cysts Disappeared

I have posted below 2 testimonies on cysts disappearing. I pray these testimonies will be a blessing to you and encourage you to not give up hope.

Ify E writes:

Praise the Lord with me for His mercies and goodness endureth forever. I asked for prayer against a 7.8cm ovarian cyst last October. I went for a scan today and the cyst has disappeared. I did not take any medicine nor did I do surgery.  The Lord is good and He does wonders. He’ll do same for all that we desire and ask of Him.

Albertina S writes:

Dear sisters, an encouragement to all with cysts: I remember speaking to someone about cysts recently (Ify) and saying that I had 7 of them 4 on one ovary and 3 on the other and they were big… Well, this is just to let you know that I am coming from the Dr. and the sonar showed that they are all gone. My ovaries are back to normal shape. Praise be to God.