Healed from Depression and Back Pain

Rosnah from the UK writes…

I was married 4 years ago and tried for a baby for 3 years.  I am now 24 weeks pregnant.  We never found out if we had a medically diagnosed problem because I was led to Nerida’s teaching just as we were thinking of starting the process of tests.  But I can testify to miraculous physical healing of depression and a chronic back condition, as well as conceiving.  I just want to encourage you from my experience that nothing is impossible – including coming back from the lowest of low mental and physical states and seeing all your heart’s desires fulfilled.  We have a high priest in Jesus who sympathises with our weaknesses as he was tempted in every way we are, only he did not sin (Heb 4:15). Also Isaiah 42 says that Jesus was not disheartened or crushed and it this Spirit that He sends to comfort and uphold us.

Healed from Headaches

Hwee L from Singapore writes…

I have chronic headaches since I was less than 10. It got worse in my 30s as I am plagued with severe headache before my ovulation and period. The one thing I never leave home without is my  advil pain killers. I never dared to go without the painkillers even when I prayed to God for relief. In fact, at one point, I gave up  because I realised the more I pray to God for relief, the worse the  pain gets!

Lately, since I have been on this online support group WIF, hearing how one of the sisters sharing about being a little commander, commanding sickness out of her body, i did the same too. Each time I feel the ache coming, i commanded it to go away. One day, I took the step of faith and said  I will not take my pain killer. I will see how long I can sustain  the pain. Praise be to the Lord, the pain went away after I  commanded it too, it was not immediate. It took quite a while before it did. But bottom line is that it DID!  I am so happy to share that I did not have any headache this month  before my ovulation nor period. In fact, I am having my period now.  Of course, disappointment follows the period (as it means i am not pregnant), but I remind myself of this battle that has been won for me, and am sure the one for my babies will come to pass too.

Healed Reproductive System

Rannie writes:

My husband and I have been believing God for the manifestation of our
children for 4 years now. It didn’t start out with us believing. It started out with a lot of pain and hurt and a diagnosis of PCOS. Since then I’ve had the diagnoses of elevated testosterone, abnormally shaped ovaries, an abnormally small uterus, insulin resistance, hypothyroidism and endometiosis. I would get my period about four times a year, and that was when I took the progesterone supplements to get it to return. When I did get my period it lasted for 12 days, sometimes I spotted for even 18 days I remember. I remember the difficulty of this time and all the tears I shed, all the times I cried out to God because I couldn’t understand why He didn’t allow me to get pregnant and allow me to have a child like He said in his will.

Anyway, I got a word from God that we shouldn’t give up and decide to figure out what the word said concerning my healing. I didn’t know where to start, but in the beginning of 2007 I found this support group and Nerida’s website (New Life Ministries) and devoured it. I’ll be honest and say that I didn’t really get the full revelation of it at first, and I continued to struggle. In the beginning of 2008 I got my first break through, however. I started reading the word and devouring any scriptures that I could find on healing, meditating on them, studying them for days at a time and I slowly but surely got more and more understanding concerning what Jesus did on the cross for me. You see, He purchased my sins and my sickness all at the same time, and redeemed me from the both of them in a packaged deal. Glory to God! I’m free from sin and sickness, illness and disease.

Once I really grabbed a hold of this, I began to see a change in my body. I began to speak to my body with confidence and not fear. Today my sisters, I don’t only get my period on time, but I get it every 29 days without fail. I can time it right down to the time of day that it will come. I know when I’m ovulating and my periods are pain free, no cramps or unusually heavy and long flows like I used to have. My periods are a total of 6 days.

Even though I was getting my period every month I was spotting for a week before my period came and a few days after. I did some research on different things I could do to help it but decided to just speak to my body and command my uterus to function properly and not to break down early. The spotting stopped and has never returned. Glory to God!

I got the revelation that healed women have babies. I was so blessed when weeks later I saw that same message being spoken here in the group. My husband and I were faced once again in the beginning of this year with the possibility of seeking medical treatment, but decided once and for all to trust God.

You see, I’ve received healing of endo, pcos, insulin resistance, ovarian cysts and every other negative word spoken over me by a doctor in my life. I don’t even take the medication any more. My skin is even clearing up because I speak to it in the name of Jesus.

Now, we’re awaiting the arrival of our blessing from the Lord. My registry is set up and we’re proclaiming the word whenever we get the chance. Now when people ask us if we have children, we say yes because it would be a lie to say that we don’t have them and the WORD OF GOD SAYS THAT WE DO! The MINUTE we pray in faith and agreement with the word and pray for children, in the Spirit its done. Its lining up with the word of God, getting our souls and minds in agreement with the word that takes time. God gives the increase immediately so its not HIS fault that our children haven’t manifested yet. He’s provided them already and everything that’s needed to
bring them into this earth.

2016 Support Meetings


God’s Plan for Pregnancy Support Meetings – 2016

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) LIST


Have you been enjoying our Frequently Asked Questions? Then please find listed below the FAQ’s from my blogs and web sites to encourage you in your journey. It is my prayer that these FAQ’s will be a blessing to you and will help you to renew your mind on the goodness of God and on Jesus finished work.

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FAQ 20 – Why does God allow people to conceive children who are only going to abuse, abandon or abort them?

FAQ 19 – If Jesus already provided healing on the Cross meaning healing is a promise not a provision then why am I not healed or pregnant yet?

FAQ 18 –  I need you to come into agreement and pray for me

FAQ 17 – How do you believe for a creative miracle if Jesus work is finished?

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FAQ 5  – can our past hinder our Breakthrough?

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FAQ 2  – Walking by Faith versus dead works?

FAQ 1  – Rest Versus exercising your Authority

FAQ – What about God’s Timing?  See Also Waiting on God 

Melbourne Meeting 2015

God's Plan for Pregnancy Meeting


Pastor Nerida Walker of New Life Ministries and author of “God’s Plan for Pregnancy” and “It is Finished” will be speaking a life changing message at her first ever Melbourne meeting next week. Nerida’s own personal testimony is an encouragement and she will share more that night. Her message is still relevant even if you are not having fertility, pregnancy or childbirth issues because her message is one of complete healing and wholeness found in Jesus and His finished work.

Date & Time:
Thursday 6th August 2015 7-9:30pm

First Romanian Baptist Church  Hall
139-149 Reema Blvd, Endeavour Hills 

This is a FREE event.
Dessert and drinks will be provided 

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FAQ 21 – Why is Healing not Automatic?


Discover the answer to another FAQ: “If Jesus has already purchased Healing on the Cross then why does healing not automatically manifest”

In this message Nerida answers this FAQ and also covers how you can research paper assistance partake in Jesus finished work to see it outworking in your life.

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