Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) LIST


Have you been enjoying our Frequently Asked Questions? Then please find listed below the FAQ’s from my blogs and web sites to encourage you in your journey. It is my prayer that these FAQ’s will be a blessing to you and will help you to renew your mind on the goodness of God and on Jesus finished work.

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FAQ 26 – Is pain in childbirth a curse from God?

FAQ 25 – I am unable to have children is this God’s way of saying no?

FAQ 24 – Someone said babies are a gift not guaranteed is this true?

FAQ 23 – Are my struggles with infertility and miscarriage a curse from God?

FAQ 22 – How do I overcome Fear in pregnancy?

FAQ 21 – Why is Healing not Automatic?

FAQ 20 – Why does God allow people to conceive children who are only going to abuse, abandon or abort them?

FAQ 19 – If Jesus already provided healing on the Cross meaning healing is a promise not a provision then why am I not healed or pregnant yet?

FAQ 18 –  I need you to come into agreement and pray for me

FAQ 17 – How do you believe for a creative miracle if Jesus work is finished?

FAQ 16 – Are Scriptures on Healing in the Bible only meant for the people at that time?

FAQ  15 – Is it God’s will for me to have a baby?

FAQ 14 – Can strife hinder my breakthrough?

FAQ 13  –  Why is God allowing me to suffer barrenness?

FAQ  12 – What does it mean to walk uprightly in Psalm 84:11?

FAQ 11 – If God is in control why have I not conceived yet?

FAQ 10  – If Jesus healed all who came to him then why am I still sick?

FAQ 9 – How do I rest in Jesus finished work during pregnancy complications?

FAQ 8 – If you can list one thing that helped you most in your journey what would it be?

FAQ 7 – How do I stop doing and start being?

FAQ  6 – I prayed. fasted and believed does this mean I don’t have enough faith?

FAQ 5  – can our past hinder our Breakthrough?

FAQ 4  – How come God has not healed me or given me a baby yet?

FAQ  3 – I know what God’s word says but how do I get it to manifest?

FAQ 2  – Walking by Faith versus dead works?

FAQ 1  – Rest Versus exercising your Authority

FAQ – What about God’s Timing?  See Also Waiting on God 

FAQ 20 – Why does God allow people to conceive babies who are only going to abuse, abandon or abort them?


Recently, I saw a video of a parent harming their baby. I have seen babies and children being molested, abused and murdered but these people keep on having children. I just don’t understand.  If a baby is a miracle and blessing from God, why does he allow people to have children that are only going to abuse, abandon or abort them?

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