Miracle Baby Zoe

Deb writes:

We had been trying to have a baby since June 2001. We had a 10 week miscarriage in October 2001 and then 7 AIH and 2 IVF cycles. On the second one we were successful. After a very sick pregnancy, our precious baby was stillborn at 26 weeks. I had felt no movement for 2 days and we went to the hospital and found no heartbeat. Matthew was 690 grams and – apart from no heartbeat – looked perfect. We grieved for our baby and for the hopes we had for the future – ‘just’ falling pregnant again seemed impossible but still our goal.

We had a frozen embryo transfer 4 months after that and when that was unsuccessful I went on the contraceptive pill for 3 weeks to bring on the next cycle without delay so we could try again. After I stopped taking the pill I waited for my period. After 5 days I started to wonder – on the sixth day I did a pregnancy test and was shocked that I was pregnant! The pregnancy was difficult both emotionally and physically as I was very sick again and had some early bleeding. Once I made it past the 26 weeks I started to feel more confident. At 36 weeks the doctor was a little concerned about the baby’s size and I had a scan that revealed the baby was about 2 weeks too small and although the placenta seemed to be functioning fine we decided to have our baby induced 2 weeks early. On 22 March 2005, our beautiful baby girl was born, Zoe (meaning life) Grace. She is an absolute delight and worth the struggle and the journey!