Conception after Fallopian Tubes Removed!

Angela M from USA writes:

When I became pregnant with my son, Matthew, I found out that I also had 2 very large ovarian cysts (one on each ovary). It was hoped that during the pregnancy the cysts would go down. They did slightly but never went away and eventually cut off circulation to Matthew so that he was born stillborn at 5 months gestation.

One month later I went in to have the cysts removed. I specifically signed papers refusing to allow the doctor to ‘remove’ anything but the cysts. My ovaries and tubes were to be left no matter how damaged they might be. I was terrified of waking up to a complete hysterectomy. An incision was made hip to hip to remove the large cysts, which at this point were slightly larger than grapefruits. When they went to remove the cysts they discovered that my tubes were twisted and tangled around them (supporting the cysts). They were so entangled that my tubes were removed with the cysts. After remembering that I specifically did not want my tubes removed, my doctor straightened them, and reattached them. When I woke up I was told that my tubes were so damaged that they would probably not be functional, but that he had put them back only because of the papers I had signed refusing to allow them to be removed. I was told that the scar tissue was bad enough I wouldn’t be able to conceive.

I went in for my 6 weeks post op appointment and had been feeling pretty sick. My doctor looked completely amazed when he told me I was 4 weeks pregnant! We were told not to get our hopes up, that there was a 99% chance it was ectopic and I should consider having my tubes tied to prevent this from happening again, because if it ruptured it could kill me. We decided to ‘wait’ and take our chances. A month later an ultrasound was done to determine what steps to take. To everyone’s amazement there was my baby … nicely implanted in the uterus.

Kaleigh is now a beautiful 2 1/2 year old miracle! I truly believe God was with my doctor the day of my surgery. He guided his hands with every stitch, carefully replacing my tubes so that Kaleigh would make it into our lives.